Electromed offers customized digital clocks in a number of display types, including P10 LED type, seven segment display, LCD Display. The clocks can be in varying shapes, sizes and color as per the user’s requirement.


General Features
  • Large display visible from distance
  • Can be connected to slave clocks
  • To In-Built Battery Backup
  • Time Displays In 24 Hrs Format (Hh:Mm: Ss)
  • Easy time setting
  • Technical Specifications
    *Can be made to order as per user’s requirement.
    Type:Red Colored LED with high brightness and long visibility
    MCD range:Minimum 1000, viewing angle 110 degree One lakh operating hours
    Digit size:8 inches x 4.5 inches
    Display:Hours, Minutes Seconds (HH:MM:SS) (6 digits)
    Hours:12/24 hours with blinking colon
    Housing:Mild sheet steel fabricated, powder coated, full elegant acrylic cover
    Accuracy:Highly accurate RTC / GPS optional
    Clock setting:Push to ON switches at one side of the clock to Increase Hours Minutes by 1 count
    GPS Receiver:Optional GPS clock
    Power supply:190-240 V AC
    Dimension(Cabinet):31 inchesx 10 inches x 3.5 inches (L x H x W)
    PCB type:Glass Epoxy
    Controller type:Microcontroller based
    Power Supply:230V AC, 50 Hz