Electromed offers GPS digital clocks in a number of display types, including P10 LED type, seven segment display, LCD Display. The clocks can be in varying shapes, sizes and color as per the user’s requirement.

The clock synchronizes its time a GPS satellite, which eliminates the need for manual setting of the time. The GPS clock can be easily connected to a slave unit, which would ensure that the time displayed in all the clocks in your premises is accurate.


General Features
  • Fully automatic operation
  • GPS Master Synchronization With GPS Time.
  • Large display visible from distance
  • Can be connected to slave clocks
  • Time Synchronizes With Slaves For Every Second.
  • To In-Built Battery Backup
  • Time Displays In 24 Hrs Format (Hh:Mm: Ss)
  • Auto Change Over To Internal Rtc Clock Working In Case Of Gps Failure With Led Indication On Front Side.
  • Technical Specifications
    *Can be made to order as per user’s requirement.
    Type:Red Colored LED with high brightness and long visibility
    MCD range:Minimum 1000, viewing angle 110 degree One lakh operating hours
    Digit size:8 inches x 4.5 inches
    Display:Hours, Minutes Seconds (HH:MM:SS) (6 digits)
    Hours:12/24 hours with blinking colon
    Housing:Mild sheet steel fabricated, powder coated, full elegant acrylic cover
    Accuracy:Highly accurate RTC / GPS optional
    Clock setting:Push to ON switches at one side of the clock to Increase Hours Minutes by 1 count
    Power supply:190-240 V AC
    Dimension(Cabinet):31 inchesx 10 inches x 3.5 inches (L x H x W)
    PCB type:Glass Epoxy
    Controller type:Microcontroller based
    Power Supply:230V AC, 50 Hz