Line Frequency Monitor is a device used to measure the power line frequency accurately.

India's grid is connected as a wide area synchronous grid nominally running at 50 hertz. The permissible range of the frequency band is 49.7-50.2 Hz, effective 17 September 2012.

The unit is microcontroller based and gives an accuracy of more than 0.02%. It is used in power generation and load dispatching centers, process industries etc, where the monitoring of line frequency is utmost important.


General Features
  • Large display visible from distance
  • Remote display available
  • Real Time Clock and printer facility available
  • Applications
  • Check output of frequency-regulated and unregulated DC to AC converters
  • Verify accuracy and stability of synchronous motors and clocks
  • Monitor frequency of mobile and portable generation under load
  • Continuously monitor frequency in engineering and laboratories when delicate experiments are performed or calibration is taking place
  • Technical Specifications
    *Can be made to order as per user’s requirement.
    Measurement Range:40-60 Hz
    Operating Voltage:230 V AC
    Number of digits:4
    Resolution:0.01 Hz
    Display Period:1 Sec
    Operating Temperature:50° C max
    Casing:Metallic enclosures duly powder coated
    Memory:Max value, Min value

    Display Specifications
    *Can be made to order as per user’s requirement.You may choose your display type from the following options.
    7 segment:1”, 2”, 4”, 8”, 12”, 24”
    LCD Display:
  • 16x2 Matrix
  • 32x4 Matrix
  • Led Matrix:
  • P10, P8, P6, P4 displays
  • Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow
  • Remote Display:Connected via RS485, LAN.