Token dispensers provide an efficient way to manage queues in a variety of places such as banks, hospitals, parking lots, restaurants etc.

When a customer wants to enter a queue, he/she presses the button, and a token is automatically dispensed from ther machine. The token has a serial number, date, time, etc on printed on it. The customer retains the token till the time his token number is announced.

This system eliminates long standing queues in offices, thus spacing both space and energy.


General Features
  • 16x2 console display
  • Manual reset program
  • Auto/ Manual token serial number reset
  • 300 tokens per 20 meter paper roll
  • Lightweight and user-friendly
  • Technical Specifications
    *Can be made to order as per user’s requirement.
    Display:16x2 LCD display
    Resolution:203 Dpi, 8 dots/mm
    Paper Width:57 mm, 84 dots
    Printing Speed:25 mm/sec
    Power:230V AC 50 Hz, 5 watts max