The token display system is a system which is used to announce and display the required token number. It is useful in areas where managing customer queues is of utmost importance.


General Features
  • Large display visible from 20ft
  • Multilingual voice announcement
  • Auto announcement available
  • Wireless data transmission available
  • Technical Specifications
    *Can be made to order as per user’s requirement.

    Display Unit

    Display Size:4 inch
    No of digits:3
    Display type:7 segment
    Enclosure:Black powder coated ms sheet metal
    Inter connection cable:9 pin D type connector with dust cover at both ends
    Standard length of cable:5 meters
    Max possible length of cable:15 meters
    Power:230V AC 50 Hz, 5 watts max

    Base Unit

    Lighting Type:7 segment LED
    Digit Size:1 inch
    Display Color:Red
    Display Function:Numbers and texts
    Memory:Yes, with internal battery backup
    Power Supply:230V AC, 50 Hz